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"When she lays her head on your shoulder and shuts her eyes. When she peacefully sleeps along your side. She’s all curled up in a little defenseless ball. It is when her eyes shut and her hand gently rest on your inner bicep. Grasping on to you as if her life depended on it. It’s when she rests her head on your lap and you slowly feel her chest breathing in and out, in and out. When she’s in a deep sleep and you don’t dare to make even an inch of a move because you don’t want to wake her, because you don’t want her to detach from you. When her head rests on your chest and you can’t help but plant a hundred kisses on her forehead. This is the moment she puts her full trust in you, this is the moment she lets her walls down because she knows that you’ll keep her safe, because she believes in you. This is the moment that you should cherish, you cherish it with every vessel in your heart because although she doesn’t easily say “I love you,” it is this moment when she’s letting you know that she could one day fall for you. This is the moment when she’s believing she could love again."
Handwritten note to self 06.24.14 (via h0pefulkid-withaninkedupheart)

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does anyone else have sad days where you just feel like shit for no reason and when someone asks whats wrong you dont know how to reply and you get that feeling in your throat like youre gonna cry and you cant stop it

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can someone invent a candle that smells like a blown out candle

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"What do you plan to do with your future?"


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have you ever cried so hard it physically hurts your stomach because you wanted no one to hear

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you gotta be trippin